A few stolen moments

Image I had an early doctor’s appointment, and I went over to Venice Beach for a little while after I left the doctor’s office.  I rolled the windows down on the car as I approached the beach, and just enjoyed the smell of the salt water.  It’s such an unusual smell, but I really enjoy it. There’s a tanginess to the ocean smell that is quite intriguing to me. I’m not sure why I like the smell of the ocean so much.  I didn’t grow up around the ocean, so there are no memories that I know of associated with the smell.

It was so nice when I got to the beach.  There were not many people out, and I was able to enjoy a few minutes with nature.  It was one of those rare, magical moments when I felt one with nature.

Watching all the different types of water birds soar and wheel around in the air was good for my spirits.  Seeing them so free somehow freed me of some of the stress of life.

I stopped for a few moments, and just watched the sunlight play off the water.  For just a few moments, it was as if the ocean was full of diamonds that were twinkling in a vast show of beauty.

I took a few moments to just enjoy the beauty of nature.  I even slowed down enough to really look closely at some things:

The beautiful iridescence of a broken sea shell,

The tracks the birds left in the sand,

The strange patterns the barnacles and lichen make on the rocks,

The cuteness of the little crabs as they crawled around on the rocks,

The patterns that the seaweed had made in the sand,

The amazing variety of colors in a handful of sand…

I stood at the edge of the water, closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the beautiful music of nature.  The cry of the birds, the soft rhythm of the waves gently coming ashore and the slap of the waves against a big pile of rocks made a beautiful symphony.

That sound of the waves hitting the shore is almost hypnotic. I can become completely mesmerized by the sound. The waves seem to be the heartbeat of the earth.  I wondered if babes in the womb view the sound of their mother’s heart like I perceive the waves on a beach?

People began to show up, and the magic of the moment was broken.  However, I carry the beauty of the moment in my heart with me always.

I stopped as I was leaving, and looked at the ocean from a high bluff.  I was inspired anew by the beauty around me.












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